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Due to recent events taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of our patients, staff and our community, Aspire Integrative Health Clinic is now offering Telemedicine Visit appointments.

For qualifying insurance plans, you can call now and schedule a TeleMedicine visit and have your appointment from your home. We are encouraging this for those that can receive their care remotely and limit their exposure to the virus.

We will file any of our regularly accepted commercial plans that are allowing telehealth visits at the time, but patients are recommended to speak to their insurance to make sure their plan will cover the visit.

Telemedicine /Telehealth includes both a secure phone call or secure video visits. Telehealth is appropriate for consultations and visits for either low complexity, routine or ongoing evaluation, and management. If you need the following:

  • Medications refilled
  • need to discuss mental health (Anxiety, Depression, ADD)
  • check in with your stable chronic medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma, etc)
  • or even a low complexity illness (UTI, Common Cold, Allergies, etc.)

Process of Telemedicine Visit

  • Request a Telemedicine Visit with our front office staff who will schedule your visit.
  • We will provide you of the date & time of your appointment for a phone or video call from the provider for the visit.  
  • You will be initially assessed on the phone by Nurse to get Chief Complaint, history of present illness, height, weight, reconcile medications and pharmacy.
  • Speak to the provider about your illness or issue.
  • Payment will be collected the day of your appointment by phone.

Call (334)203-1723 to schedule your appointment today!!